Hello Gardening World!

So why write a blog about gardening in the North? And what is this, “North” I am referring to? Well, the answer to the first question wasn’t as easy to pinpoint as I first thought. No, I had to really sit and think about this one. It had to be that I was passionate about digging in the earth and trying new things every year. Yes, that answers it somewhat, but there is more. What would compel me to want to put it in print? My life is busy enough and I have other interests outside of work that take up my time. Why write it?

While pondering this I realized it is about sharing what gardening does for me as a person and, most importantly, my soul. However, it struck me that every garden I have created is a reflection of me and perhaps, the life experiences I was going through at the time. Every time I work amongst plants, I am creating, I am fixing, or I am building something that never was. I liken this to what an artist does. I express who I am through my garden and, hence, my soul shines through. So if I can bring whatever knowledge I have or create a platform for others to share and express their ideas about their gardening adventures, then I believe writing about my gardening experiences completes that expression of self.

Now that was deep, wasn’t it? I promise you I prefer a little levity when writing. So to answer my second question why I want to blog about gardening in the North, well, that’s where I live. Currently, I reside just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. To say our climate in Alberta is variable is an understatement. It isn’t uncommon for the temperature to vary 20 degrees within one day. Need I say what stress this can place on plants? Northern climates present unique challenges even to the most experienced gardener. Through this blog I hope others will share how they deal with the trials northern gardeners face. As well, I look forward to hearing about favourite plants, success stories and what gardening does for you.

Finally, I have to admit to the two realities of my blog before I log off for today. First, I am not a professional writer as will become evident if you continue to read my posts. While I am a teacher by trade, I have yet to write the great Canadian novel or travel in the same circles as authors. My writing is from my heart and reflects a conversational tone. I guess that is what blogging is about. It won’t be perfect and I am sure those bent upon correct grammatical form will have a lot to comment on. I promise I will aim to do my best and, yet, ┬ástill be somewhat entertaining. Secondly, I do not claim to be a plant expert or garden guru. However, I do love to share ideas and have garden/plant conversations. So please share!