In my post on Hostas, I mentioned hostas could be bothered by slugs and I would write a post later on how I have battled slugs. I think I also mentioned I had never had problems with slugs eating my hostas. No sooner had I wrote that and I discovered slimy little trails in my hosta bed, which quickly explained why one of my younger hostas looked like swiss cheese. So I went out early one morning and voila! Slugs.

These are not creatures I love. While they do have a purpose, eating my hostas is not one of them. I take it as a personal offence when they sneak out at night, eat my plants and then find hiding spots. A little sneaky for me.

Years ago, I planted my very first vegetable garden in Fox Creek, Alberta. I was warned not to plant peas as they would only be eaten by slugs. I refused to believe such a small pest could wreak havoc in my garden. Wrong! They were everywhere and I quickly consulted my mom who recommended diatomaceous earth. I purchased some and spread it around the perimeter of the garden. I believe this helped to keep more slugs from coming in, but it didn’t control those already happily filling their bellies with my peas. A book I read suggested beer and this had some effect, but not enough. So my mom suggested I try salt. Well, I got up early every morning for 2 weeks to search under boards I had laid out on purpose the night before. I used tweezers to pick the slugs and put them in a bucket of salt. Not a nice death for them, but I was desperate. This worked! As I read further about them, I found slugs don’t really move far during their lifetime. So by reducing the population, they didn’t reproduce and the diatomaceous earth kept those wanting to stray into my garden at bay.

I disposed of the slugs I could find in my garden this fall and will now await spring when they will undoubtedly be in abundance. Once again I will battle the persistent slug and will most likely have plenty to update you with! Please share any ideas or practices you have to battle the slimy slug!



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