A Day at the Greenhouse

What better way to spend a warm Spring afternoon than to spend it at a greenhouse with friends. I was invited by my teacher friend, Debbie, to join a group of fellow teachers making succulent terrariums. We travelled to a beautiful greenhouse just west of Wildwood, Alberta called Deb’s Greenhouse. The owner, Deb was so welcoming and what an extraordinary greenhouse she has. Such strong, healthy plants and so well organized. Having worked in a greenhouse before, I know what kind of hours and work that goes into this business.

We were given a selection of pots and containers to choose from and shown the succulent plant choices. Several items for a fairy garden were on hand, too. With full intention of making my own succulent fairy garden, we were offered the opportunity to make herb pots, too. Well, the lure of herbs was too much for me and I was drawn to the back of the greenhouse where the fragrant green beauties awaited me. It didn’t take me long to pick six herbs for my two pots. I was even surprised to find Cuban Oregano which I quickly snatched up. I plan to write a piece on this little, fragrant friend at a later date (okay, that later date will most likely be in the summer when I no longer have report cards knocking at my door).

As well, I have included photos below of some of the amazing succulent fairy and non-fairy terrariums made by the ladies I travelled with. The feature image above shows the succulent terrarium Debbie made. All of these ladies are so creative. Please check it out and let these creative endeavours of a warm Spring afternoon inspire you to make your own succulent garden.

Heather’s creation for her bathroom. Colours well chosen.
Laurie brought fairy garden pieces gifted to her to make her own garden. She planned this so well in such a short time.
Twyla’s impressive pots. So impressive!